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Probate Of A Florida Timeshare

Many people own timeshares in Florida, and there are hundreds of reasons why. Many Florida timeshare owners reside outside of Florida and use their timeshare homes for vacation getaways to popular destinations such as Walt Disney World, EPCOT, the Magic Kingdom, Universal Orlando, the fabulous beaches of Destin and the gulf coast of Florida, and dozens of other locations. Owning a timeshare has made an annual Florida vacation a reality for your loved one.

When your loved one passes away owning a Florida timeshare, you must decide what to do with their timeshare property. Most timeshare properties are treated as deeded real property, which means the timeshare property must go through the probate process in the county where it is located to clear title and have the timeshare transferred or sold. Attorney Eric S. Kane is an experienced probate attorney who can help you and your family properly transfer ownership.

Help For Non-Florida Residents And Non-Florida Attorneys

When a Florida nonresident owns a timeshare in Florida – in their individual name – and dies, the timeshare is real property subject to Florida probate laws and rules. A Florida probate action is necessary to pass the timeshare to the lawful heirs or beneficiaries. This action may be referred to as “ancillary probate administration,” if a domiciliary estate administration has been commenced in the decedent’s home state, or as the probate administration of a non-resident, if there was no need to commence probate proceedings in the home state. Typically, due to the value of the timeshare most probate proceedings of timeshares are conducted under abbreviated summary administration proceedings or, in certain circumstances, can be dealt with by having the Will admitted to Record in the Florida county where the Florida timeshare is located. Florida probate attorney Eric S. Kane provides experienced representation for people living outside of the state but have lost a loved one who owned a timeshare interest in Florida. He can help you begin the Florida ancillary probate administration process.

Say a person who lives in Ohio owns a timeshare in Orlando, Florida in their individual name and dies. The disposition of their Orlando timeshare is subject to Florida’s probate laws, rules, and procedure. Eric S. Kane can efficiently handle all out-of-state resident ancillary probate matters for any location in Florida’s 67 counties.

Mr. Kane also frequently works with out-of-state probate attorneys to assist them with probating Florida real property.

Contact A Lawyer Who Will Work Closely With You And Your Attorney

Attorney Eric S. Kane works closely with clients who do not live in Florida and inherited a Florida timeshare as well as out-of-state attorneys. He will help you probate your Florida timeshare interest as the last step in closing the decedent’s domiciliary probate estate. For probate assistance in Florida, including the ancillary probate administration of all Florida property, talk to Eric S. Kane. Mr. Kane will patiently guide you through this complex, but necessary process. Call his office at 305-937-7280 for a telephone consultation.